UHANS MX Smartphone review – Is it worth it?


Here is a new smartphone, which is highly capable and has all the features you would expect from a mid-range device, plus pure Android 7.0 OS on top. However, one of the most notable aspects here is that this smartphone comes with a double-sided glass exterior which is fully laminated, a bezel-less screen, front-facing fingerprint sensor and a front camera which is neatly hidden yet highly effective.


Yes. It’s the much-anticipated UHANS MX smartphone. Let’s have a look if this UHANS smartphone is as good as it promises.

UHANS MX smartphone

The phone manages to work smoothly in most tasks which are given and is even capable of great multi-tasking given that no more than 4 apps are executed at a time. This is possible thanks to the MT6580 quad-core processor and the 2GB of RAM which are hidden inside the case. It’s also possible to use this phone with 2 SIM cards at a time (only supports nano sim), which is great for those who hate carrying two phones at the same time.

UHANS MX smartphone

Speaking of internal memory, the UHANS MX comes with 16GB out of which approx. 13GB is available for the user. However, this memory can be further extended with up to 128GB extra via a memory card, which is inserted into a SIM2 slot. This feature will come as extremely handy for those who prefer to install many games and apps or to take plenty of photos and videos and don’t want to use the phone as a dual sim one.

UHANS MX smartphone

This UHANS smartphone features a 5.2-inch HD screen which provides adequate performance in both daylight and dark environments. Backlighting and various scenes can be easily customized thanks to Android 7.0. Moreover, it supports on-spot security updates and it comes with the latest version of Google Play and Google Services.


Speaking of battery and performance, this model comes with a 3000mah true-rated battery. This means that it doesn’t just boast about it and feature a 2750mah like other models, yet it features full 3000mah. The battery life will be around 6 days for minimal use, 2-3 days for average use (few hours of calls and Internet activity per day), and 1 day for intensive use (over 10 hours of continuous YouTube videos, gaming, and other intensive apps).

UHANS MX smartphone

The UHANS MX comes with a dual 8MP camera which produces great photos in a majority of instances. It also comes with a dual speaker which provides impressive sound even in the absence of optional Bluetooth speakers. Furthermore, it comes with GPS and A-GPS for hassle-free localization, over 20 preinstalled languages, a 5MP front camera and other novelties brought by Android 7.0.


With a price tag of less than 100$, most people will agree that this model is a must-buy. In most markets, it’s hard to find a good second-hand LG or Samsung featuring the same specs, let alone a new device. But UHANS MX offers all of these, plus an amazing bodyshell!


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