UGreen Tpye-C Cable with Reversible Design, Saves Trouble for You

I believe that everyone has experienced this embarrassing and troublesome situation. Wanting to get a charge for the beloved phone, raising the cable to identify which side is correct, so that to avoid the wrong insertion. If you use UGreen Tpye-C Cable, this misgiving can be automatically eliminated.
UGreen Tpye-C Cable
The biggest selling point of UGreen Tpye-C Cable must belong to the reversible design. Double side Micro USB interface both can be plugged, therefore, you can get a direct charge without any redundant acts or hesitation. What’s more, it is fully suitable for various V8 micro USB 2.0 interface of mobile phone or USB devices, such as Nokia N1, LetTV phone and 12’’ New Macbook.
UGreen Tpye-C Cable
Meanwhile, UGreen Tpye-C Cable 0.5M adopted strong PVC plastic cable layer design, effectively resisting to pull and wear. Besides, it also utilized tin plated anaerobic copper wire core, making sure the fast data transmission. Out of expectation, supporting the maximum 2.0A current charging and 480Mbps speed data transmission, the cable can carry charging and data transmission at the same time, which is convenient and time-saving.
UGreen Tpye-C Cable
Coming with the length of 0.5M, the cable has a perfect length to avoid the case of knotting. In short, UGreen Tpye-C Cable 0.5M is exactly an ideal cable for daily use or travel in other places. If you desire for fast and convenient charging, this one would be a pretty good option.

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