Two Wholesale Watch Phones

Since the emerge of one smartphone accessory, watch phone, which has became the most fashionable and favorable gadget among numerous users. Gradually, more famous smartphone manufacturer like Samsung has launched their own-style watch phone to attract more market share. However, because of the reason it is a new-developed accessory, so it is not affordable for everyone, but I will recommend to you two cost-effective wholesale watch phones with superb performance.
Cenovo CX09 Anti-lost Vibrating Bluetooth Watch Phone
Cenovo is the one specialized in research and development on watch phones. Their latest watch phone Cenovo CX09 is designed to be the best watch phone ever. It adopted special bracelet fuselage with matte black surface, added to Organic light-Emitting Diode, makes the whole outward high-technology and fashionable. To operate the watch phone is easy, any devices with Bluetooth functions can be accessed to via Bluetooth, you can answer or reject any incoming call conveniently. What’s more, it provides the resistance against lost effectively, once your device is out of range, the watch phone will vibrate and you will notice the disconnect or lost situation. It is such a practical partner for your device.

If the above watch phone let you down, never mind, UWATCH U808 will impress you surprisingly. As an upgrade version of most watch phone with tiny screen, UWATCH U808 has 1.44-inch screen, with 128*128 pixels resolution, which enaUWATCH U808 1.44-inch MTK6260-ARM7 360MHz Bluetooth Watch Phoneble multiple applications working normally as usual. Like your smartphone, ebook, email, messaging and other small gadgets can be run stably. It is far beyond a watch phone, even OTG functions can be accessed to easily. With such a comprehensive functions and tiny dimension, it is so called a mini smartphone, particularly suitable for people when driving, traveling, doing sport or even on business. What a watch phone that is!

Overall, there is no doubt that good-quality wholesale watch phones with upscale are expensive. Whereas, CX09 and UWATCH U808 is definitely the greatest smartphone with low cost, how can you not be moved by such a cost-effective watch phone?

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