Two good smart phones of CUBOT

CUBOT is young brand to produce smart phones in this complex market,but it still produce the smart phones with reliable quality and powerful performance to satisfy people’t eyes.If you just want to search a practical phone with good function and favorable price,choosing CUBOT is a wisdom choice.With favorable price,I would like to share this good product with you.
CUBOT X6 5-inch MTK6592 Octa-core 1.7GHz Smartphone
Is 5.0 inch retina screen enough for you? The smart phone with this size can make you comfortable to use.CUBOT X6 which I recommend firstly has 5.0 screen and can give you more perfect feeling of every detail and more realistic color reproduction especially while watching movies or playing games.The body is only 8.6mm ultimate slim that you can gain a better feeling when you handing it and it can show your good taste.The real eight-core can run simultaneously through advanced scheduling algorithms, dynamic temperature control and power management technology to optimize workload distribution for each core.It can perfectly run the real octa core for you to run programs fastly,drop the temperature of fuselage and manage the consumption of electricity.16GB rom with 1GB ram can easily run large game or HD video for fun and the large enough memory can save all important documents such movies,music and so on.

About the performance, CUBOT C6W is nice although it is not better than the mentioned CUBOT C6W model. With reasonable price and lower configuration,it is worth to buy for using as well as entertainment.Its true dual-core CPU can run programs without congestion and the OS is good enough for yoCUBOT C6W 4.3-inch 512MB RAM MTK6572 1.3GHz Dual-core Smartphoneu to install most kinds of applications.4.3 inch screen also can give you a good enjoyment to watch.It supports many languages so that it is suitable for the people of different countries not only used for Chinese and English.

The X6 is very attractive with the real octa core so that especially it can satisfy the game lovers.The excellent feeling of it is really nice. If you want to buy a practical smart phone with low price,you can choose the second one.

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