Two Eachine Battery Power Banks

As now battery power bank is such an dispensable stuff among our daily life especially when having outdoor activities, so I bought one 10000mAh capacity battery power bank last week in order to simplify my device’s charging. However, I found it extremely big and heavy, after searching more information about the kernel, I noticed it is not the best battery power bank, whereas, a brand named “Eachine” is better.

One of Eachine Battery Power Bank is the one with 6000mAh and LED flashlight. Unlike those ordinary battery power bank cover with box design, it used an innovative western design and rubber oil processing, which benefits your holding more comfortable. Besides, well-equipped with a bright LED light insides, you can read the figure of battery capacity concisely. Moreover, thanks to the ultra large 6000mAh Samsung lithium ion kernel, your iPhone 5 can be charged fully more than 3 times, meanwhile, any other devices or smartphones are fully compatible to, it is quite convenient for device charging under any circumstance. What an outstanding battery power bank it is.

The above one is attractive by its fruity outward, the one coming is well-known for its ultra slim design. Eachine Battery PoweEachine Slim X3 6000mAh Power Bank External Battery With Cabler Bankwith 7000mAh capacity and ultra-slim design can provide users substantial convenience for taking it out. Possess with larger 7000mAh capacity, any devices can be fully recharged more than twice. More importantly, it pay highly attention to the safety when designing the battery power bank. The internal is made from Li-Polymer, which is super light and nonexplosive even in the extremely conditions, a more safely usage can be offered for consumers, preventing fire, overheating and other accidents happens effectively.

To sum up, Eachine Battery Power Bank is an enterprise that produce various battery power banks with superb performance, which satisfying the demand for a safer and more convenient usage.

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