The two best-selling Mini Card Mobile Phones


You might think that smartphones have taken over the world. But wait, there are people who still prefer using card mobile phones! Mini Card Mobile Phones are very easy to use, unlike smartphones. Not everyone is able to operate a smartphone with ease especially the elderly. They may need a bit of training and even if they do, it may limit them to only receiving calls and reading text messages, which is actually the only function they need a mobile phone for. With this said, card mobile phones are suitable not only for the elderly but also children. Some of the advantages of mobile card phones include:

-They are easy to use

-Most of them are affordable

-They are small so carrying them is easy


There are two best selling Mini Card Phones in the market today namely AIEK Qmart Q1 Ultra thin Mini Card Phone and MELROSE S2 Ultra Thin Pocket Phone.

Mini Card Mobile Phones

Features of AIEK Qmart Q1 Ultra thin Mini Card Phone

If you are out shopping for Mini Card Mobile Phones then this is one of the best among the Mini Card Phones that you will get in the stores. This phone does not and will never disappoint in terms of looks, affordability, and functionality. It is a beautiful phone. light and in nature. It comes with a small and light battery that when fully charged its standby time can go up to 100 hours. Isn’t this awesome? Well, apart from the fact that it has a wide colored screen, with this phone you can also play music and send files since it has a Bluetooth connectivity.

Mini Card Mobile Phones

Features of MELROSE S2 Ultra Thin Pocket Phone

This Ultra Thin Pocket Phone is the best thing that ever happened since the beginning of phone usage. Well, it is an Ultra Thin Pocket Phone just as its name suggests. It can actually fit anywhere. Be it your wallet or shirt pocket. it is so thin you wouldn’t even feel like you are carrying a phone. It has a Bluetooth that can pair with any smartphone, therefore, you are able to send and receive files from smartphone users. You can also listen to radio or music via a Bluetooth device such as the Bluetooth earphones or headphones. It has a long battery standby time which makes it easier for users as you do not need to worry about charging it all the time.


The card phone is a must pocket outdo that every modern person should strive to have. Look, with their battery life, you are able to use the Mini Card Phones for a long time before you can charge it. You can travel without worrying about having a flat battery while still on the trip. In terms of prices, both are affordable. Mini Card Phones are amazing, so why not get yourself one and feel the experience!





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