Traveling companions that are more desirable than anything else(part 2)


To use the xiaomi selfie stick with the detachable Bluetooth remote control, you must charge it via the in-built micro USB port which is located at the front. It’s light, portable and compact as it folds into 190mm and weighs 155grams. By the way, it’s for sure that the xiaomi power bank pro will be perfectly compatible with the xiaomi selfie stick, so these two will definitely be your best trip partners since they are both very lightweight and of high-quality. Make sure to put them in your pocket with you then your whole trip can be recorded and memorized perfectly.

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker

Except for the popular xiaomi power bank pro and xiaomi selfie stick, a perfect trip should also include beautiful melody from the xiaomi speaker.

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker

(c) Xiaomi mi Bluetooth speaker

It’s the crème de la crème of this travel package. The xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker is solidly built and can take rough handling. It looks good, and pairing is quick and very simple. You also get three different colors options of the all metal shell to choose including the chic Gray, Gold, and Sliver, which all look so gorgeous and elegant. To be honest, I think they are all stylish and it’s a tough choice for me. Mostly, the sound feels punchy.

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker

The xiaomi mi speaker weighs 270g. Critics claim that it isn’t the lightest of Bluetooth speakers in the world. But on the same breathe, it doesn’t feel heavy at all either. It’s small and portable enough with so many incredible features. It charges through a regular Micro USB port. It is powered by a 480mAh internal battery which can give up to hours of continuous listening.

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker


If you are a travel enthusiast, these gadgets are a necessity in your life. They kill boredom and give the most fulfilling trip ever. You all agree that a good power bank is convenient. On the other hand, Selfie lovers swear by a good Selfie stick on their side. That has to come from Xiaomi. What’s your take?


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