Traveling companions that are more desirable than anything else(part 1)


According to an interesting study commissioned by a travel website,, tech-savvy travelers give more priority to their smartphones before their toothbrush, deodorant and perhaps their driving license. Now, that interesting enough to pique your attention on smartphones and their various uses while going for a trip to a far-away destination. Most people will tagalong a power bank to keep their mobile devices fully charged.


Taking photos is an important part of traveling, so they won’t leave their Selfie sticks behind. And finally, it’s now a trend. People are tagging along with their Bluetooth speakers like the Xiaomi mi Bluetooth speaker. We’ll get into this shortly.

xiaomi power bank pro

For now, we are listing down the most preferred travel companions for your next trip in no order:

(a)The beloved Xiaomi power bank pro

Most people are not aware of the fact that xiaomi power bank pro comes in two variants. The model numbers are PLM01ZM and PLM03ZM respectively. The first version was released sometimes in March 2016. It was then followed by a silicon-protected PLM03ZM model later that year. The two models of the Xiaomi power bank are similar for the most part expect that the PLM03ZM features a fast charge controller feature. The former only supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0. The updated version supports HiSilicon’s Fast Charging Protocol. The former version doesn’t.

xiaomi power bank pro

So if you’re planning to carry a mobile device with FCP support, the PLM03ZM model is the best. Of course, we can’t forget about the 10,000mAh model (PLM02ZM), also known as the mi power bank pro. This model comes in black and silver shades. It features a USB Type A output port, and a micro-USB input port. The maximum power input is rated at 18W. On the other hand, maximum power output is 15W. The mi power bank pro is one of the most indispensable tools to tag along.

xiaomi selfie stick

(b)Xiaomi Selfie Stick

Don’t ask strangers to snap pictures on your behalf while traveling. Don’t try squeezing other people’s faces into a tiny frame. Avoid embarrassing moments with the xiaomi selfie stick. Once you open the box, you’ll find a normal Xiaomi selfie stick and a Bluetooth remote control. That’s it. It’s incredibly minimalistic but functional at its best. The selfie stick is black in color, small in size and delicate. It has a polish finish, so it feels smooth to the touch. It has a shutter button for your convenience. The Mi logo is engraved on the surface of the selfie stick.



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