The top 3 advanced HiFi earphones recommended


There is a number of terrifying earphones-related happenings, especially with cheap ones, that have been witnessed by ear, throat and nose doctors. Cheap earphones always are susceptible to a portion of the earbuds coming out. And when it comes out, it is in your ear canal then it can go inside your ear. These things happen. In such a situation, the services of a medical the practitioner will be required to remove it, not a great experience.


Apart from the health risk, there is also the poor quality of music often associated with poor-quality earphones. With a high-quality earphone, should not even have to be super expensive, you will be in a position to receive professional class music. Of course and it is safer to you. Subsequently, we look at 3 of the top high-quality advanced HiFi earphones in the market which are piston air, piston 3, and hybrid dual drivers.

xiaomi earphone

  1. Piston Air

The xiaomi piston 4 Air earphone is very popular and thus recommended. It has a slick design that not only is great for effortlessly fitting in your ear canal but also for appearance. There is a built-in microphone which is compatible Xiaomi and also other types of Android smartphone and iPhone. Another important feature possessed by the xiaomi earphone is that it has wired control function. With that function, it is possible to effortlessly adjust volume and or answer or reject a call.

xiaomi earphone

  1. Piston3

The xiaomi piston 3 earphone had been sold out at the time of writing this piece and that may point to the fact that it is a high-quality product preferred by customers. The xiaomi earphone is designed to be able to greatly fit in your ear canal. This perfect fitting in your ear allows you to be immersed in your music without the often outside noise that can distract you. Through the features it has, the earphone is able to cancel noise. Also, it has a microphone and remote control function. It’s also compatible with most smartphones.

xiaomi earphone

  1. Piston Hybrid dual drivers

This xiaomi piston hybrid iron ring earphones type is sometimes referred to as xiaomi piston 4. Because if the design of the xiaomi mi iv, one noticeable thing especially when you compare it to xiaomi piston 3 is that it delivers a bass that is slightly deeper and boomier. That generally contributes to the heavy and a powerful sound resulted at the low end. Additionally, the bevel in-ear design implemented for the earphone enables both comfortable wearing and listening.


In conclusion, because of the great experiences and positive reviews commanded by the aforementioned earphones, definitely at least one is a must buy.

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