Three styles phone cases for three models ZOPO smart phones

For ZOPO smart phone,there are some phone case for different models.I choose three styles cases for three models of them.With reliable quality and noble temperament,it attracts many people’s attentions.For protecting or decorating,it shows its good performance and won’t make you disappointed.
PU Leather Protective Case With View Window For ZOPO ZP998
Known from its name,ZOPO ZP998 Leather Case is suitable for ZOPO ZP998 smart phone.This case has window view design for getting the time conveniently.You needn’t open the cover to see some informations and the phone number who calls to you.It provides all-around protection from scratches,bumps,dust and other accidental damage that you can give your smart phone a better protection.With the magnetic lock,the phone can be held properly and tightly.The access design can make you easy to press all buttions,controls and ports.Putting a case on your phone won’t affect any controls and you will gain a more smooth enjoyment.
Flip PU Leather Magnetic Protective Case For ZOPO ZP600+
Suitable for the users of ZOPO ZP600+,this case also shows nice performance.ZOPO ZP600+ Leather Case is made from synthetic leather so that it can be held softly.The magnetic lock can hold it properly and tightly. It is easy access to press all buttons,controls and ports without moving the case out.With the same advantage with the mentioned case,it also provides the all-around protection from scratches,bumps,dust and other accidental damage with reliable quality.

ZOPO ZP780 Leather Case is made for the users of ZOPO ZP780 with the same functions with the second case I have recommended.It is also made from leather which can make the feeling of handing softer and more comfortable. With an inner hard case to securely hold your phone.The inner is transparent that is different with the mentioned one.Anyways,these three case all have good quality and you can be assure to use for protecting the phone.

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