Three “Invisible” Features Of Xiaomi PU Leather Case

Regarding to modern protective case, what remind ourselves of instinctively must be nothing but all-around resistance against any other accidental damages and powerful beautification on decorative effect. However, although you are utilizing PU protective case everyday, perhaps you don’t realize of how helpful it is in other aspects, let me inform you in detail.
Up-down Filp PU Leather Magnetic Case for Xiaomi Mi4
First and foremost, signal issue is crucial among any others. Maybe your opinion towards the discrepancy between metal case and leather case is on better protection only, you are one-sided because metal will influence mobile signal naturally. Whereas, dissimilar to common metal case, Xiaomi M4 Up-down Case elaborately adopted insulated PU leather in case of signal deteriorating problem. In other words, no barricade will be the interruption with the PU leather putting on.

Moreover, PU protective case is also an identification of your temperament and status. For instance, Xiaomi M4 Case, which fits business man and people in supervision precisely because it stands for mature, sophisticated and generous. What a enormous difference compare to Silicone case that representative for the element of young, innocent and naive. It is no exaggeration to say PU leather case is designed for people who getting success.
Flip PU Leather Magnetic Protective Case for Xiaomi Mi4
Finally, more or less, modern PU leather case towards large screen smartphone is trend to adopted flip cover design in order to protect the screen from destruction. However, just about this convenient flip coverage, freely can you turn it around, fold it into the angle you want and enjoy the most comfortable display effect when watching videos or movies. What a clever design it is.

Taken as a whole, I deem that the above feature are the three you feel and utilize everyday but seldom can you realize their existence. Anyway, no matter which one you prefer, Xiaomi M4 Up-down Case or Xiaomi M4 Case, you are always the beneficiary of these “invisible” traits.

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