Three Under 100USD Smartphone

As smartphone with upscaled configuration is expensive so that unaffordable for several bulk of consumers who possess with low budget but high expectation, for examples, students and elder people. However, in order to lightup their dream to using a decent smartphone with less cost, Utime has launched a new category of cell phones particularly. Perhaps you may call in question to excellence of these cell phones, without further ado, let’s find out the answer.
UTime FX 5-inch MTK6589W 1.2GHz Quad-core Smartphone
As a latest product, Utime has endowed Utime FX innovative elements. Ultra large 5-inch display touch screen and modern narrow bezel has attract most attention at first glance. Combine to top resolution of 960*540 pixels, more enjoyment that bringing from broader perspective and vivid display effect enable users playing games, watching movies freely. What’s more, equipped with 5.0MP front camera and 8.0MP rear camera, you can easily take it along when traveling, recording any beautiful scenery and share with your relatives. How lovely it is.

In contract, though published as new product, Utime i15 pay highly attention on cost-effective, which is the main reason for people with low budget. Although covered with smaller 4.5-inch display screen, whereas, the resolution is 854*480 pixels, which is a proper equipment that all details to be seen is legible and clear without magnify, surely you will be fond of it gradually. Besides, came with 1.3GHz Dual-core processor, which is an enhanced version compare to others, enable smooth and fluent processing confront to any applications. More importantly, the retail price of Utime i15 is only $86, can you find out any cell phone lower than this but with better performance?
Utime i15 4.5-inch MTK6572 1.3Ghz Dual-core Smartphone
Last but not least, Utime G7 has enjoyed decent reputation among users already thanks to its comprehensiveness. It has inherited most of above cell phones’ advantages like 4.5-inch screen, same resolution and exactly same camera combination, and made some breakthrough on terms and conditions, for instance, variety. Any other applications which plays an important role when necessary like GPS, Bluetooth are well-built underneath the appearance. With retail price of $88 only, how can you not be moved by its outstanding cost-effective?

Frankly speaking, although the configuration and equipment can not be list in top level in comparison of famous smartphones but no body can deny its excellence especially high cost-effective in the market. Disputably it is the optimum choice for wise you.

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