THL smart phones give you different choices

As one of the consumers in this science techology time,I think the people’s demands have many similar points.The proportion of performance and price should be attractive.The configuration should be high enough,the quality should be reliable and the price should be satisfying enough.You will be satisfied with these points if you choose THL smart phone.
THL W100S 4.5-inch MTK6582M 1.3GHz 4GB ROM Quad-core Smartphone
The first model of smart phone with a little lower configuration. With 4.5 capacitive touch screen,THL W100S can bring you a large enough vision and flexible control especially for playing games.Quad-core CPU can make you run programs smoothly even using several apps at the same time.The HD camera which are 5.0MP and 8.0MP.Taking clear photos for yourself is easy and convenient with its 5.0MP front camera.This style is good enough for us to use,and what about the other two models?
ThL T11 5-inch MTK6592W 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
THL T11 has the same pixel with W100S that you also can take clear photos for your families,friends as well as for yourself. And the 5.0 inch multi-touch screen can give you more comfortable feeling to see a film and play 3D games with realistic effect.The system is very important as the center of the whole smart phone.So the Android 4.2 can let you download and install many kinds of application.16GB rom and 2GB ram can help the octa core to run fastly and save data.It can make you unbelievable that you can feel it fast very much with its octa core when you run several programs at the same time.
ThL T100S Iron Man 5-inch MTK6592 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
In addition to the mentioned two models of THL smart phone, the other model I will recommend is THL T100S.I think the configuration of this one is the best of these three.In addition to the 5 inch large screen and the advanced OS,it will run the programs with a faster speed because of its octa core, 32GB rom and 2GB ram.Compared with the T11,the performance of this model are better to run programs and save data.There is a unbelievable point that it has 13.0MP pixel both front and back camera.I haven’t seen such high pixel of front camera that taking photos for yourself is very nice especially suitable for the fashion youngs.

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