Theatrical Enjoyment Without Stepping In Theater

For most people who walking in the line between concrete jungle living and stressful working, seldom can they having an opportunity enter a theater and enjoy a thrill movie for relaxation both physically and mentally. Or it is less interests and excitement watching a film at home or via smartphone after all, so, what’s the appropriate solution? The answer is simple and straight–cardboard 3D glasses.
Novelty DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality VR Mobile Phone 3D Glasses
Hardly can it be called as innovative invention, DIY cardboard virtual reality 3D Glasses is a novelty that developed after real 3D glasses. Thanks to durable and extreme light cardboard material, freely can you store it in the pocket and take it along wherever you go, has guaranteed virtual display effect and atmosphere at any time. Moreover, although the structure is complicated, by following pictures or instructions attached as attachment can you assemble it effortlessly, you still can watch the GIF for vivid instruction when assembling. You will realize the finished glasses exquisite and attractive, durable and firm.

Easily treat it as virtual 3D glasses, whenever any leisure time or coffee break is available, simply hold it on your hand and put it near your eyes comfortably, you will enjoy a true theatrical enjoyment when watching online videos or movies without stepping in real theater. Such an wonderful experience will be with you wherever and whenever possible. Although it is a brand new stuff that released recently, more than 200 units has been sold in short time, surely it will sweep a whirlwind and arouse a purchase tide both abroad and domestic.
NFC DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality VR Mobile Phone 3D Glasses
Moreover, followed the rapid development on electrical accessories, even NFC cardboard 3D Glasses has now became available for device with NFC function. Simply just put two devices within indicated area, NFC will trigger the application automatically. Enjoying and sharing this kind of enjoyment will no longer exhausted.

All in all, with this novel, uncustomary and friendly environmental cardboard 3D glasses, you now have a new option for relaxation and recreation.

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