The Review of Xiaomi Mi Play

Are you in need of a new smartphone? We have taken a look at one of the available smartphones on the market and checked it out for you. Come on and take a look.

xiaomi mi play

Unboxing and exterior

The Xiaomi Mi Play comes well protected in a box which is easily opened. In the box, you find instruction booklets and of course the smartphone with its accessories. The phone has a beautiful blue exterior with a back made of glass that protects it from being scratched. Inside the box, you will also find a charger that’s a type C charger.

xiaomi mi play


When it comes to the features of the Xiaomi Mi Play,  it has a good size with a 5.84 inches screen with full HD+. The graphics are clear,  and the screen responds fast to your touch. The smartphone comes with an 8 MP front camera that can be used to taking selfies. Of course, there is also a back camera that has two sensors, one of 12 MP and one of 2 MP so that it can catch every detail and create a beautiful picture. On the back of the smartphone, there is also a fingerprint sensor in the middle,  and the phone looks pretty good considering the cheap prize. On top of the phone, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack so that you can enjoy music or podcasts as you are out and about.

xiaomi mi play

The built-in memory of the Xiaomi Mi Play is 64 GB which makes room for many applications, songs, and pictures. The CPU that powers the smartphone is called Helio P35,  and we believe the hardware isn’t as good as we hope for. Though it works very well for gaming, it also has a GPU that results in almost no lags during gameplay. However the battery of the smartphone isn’t so strong, with only 3,000 mAH, but considering the cheap price of the phone, it’s still worth it.

xiaomi mi play

Pros and cons

Let’s head to the pros and cons of the Xiaomi Mi Play. One of the pros is the prize that is around 150 USD. You get a phone with great features compared to the money you pay for it. Another pro is how the smartphone is great for gamers. When it comes to the cons, we must mention the battery power that is not strong at all, and also the hardware that could have been better.

xiaomi mi play


To conclude, we want to say that the Xiaomi Mi Play is a great phone compared to what you pay for it. It’s a strong budget phone with a beautiful exterior in a fantastic blue color. It has both a frontal and back camera that takes good pictures. The large storage memory of 64 GB gives enough room for both games, applications, and pictures. We must say that is you are looking for a cheap phone that is good for gaming and taking pictures, and also has a nice look, then the Xiaomi Mi Play will be a good choice for you.



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