The First Deca-Core Smartphone With Dual Camera UMi Zero 2 Specifications Unveiled

Umi Zero is one of the most successful devices from UMi, one of the most important Chinese smartphones manufacturers. Nowadays, the company is already working on the successor of this device: The UMi Zero 2. For now, complete specifications are unknown, although some of its main features have already being unveiled.

UMi Zero 2

UMi Zero 2 will sport a 5.2 inch screen with super AMOLED technology, which is characterized by offering a great image quality while optimizing battery consumption. The screen will support 2K resolution, so users can consume all kinds of multimedia content. This technology is also used on other high-end devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6. In fact, the screen will be manufactured by Samsung, which is always a guarantee of quality.

The first Deca-Core smartphone

UMI Zero 2 processor model has not been unveiled yet, nevertheless, it will integrate 10 cores, being the first smartphone to incorporate this architecture. Although currently the standard for high-end devices is to have 3GB of RAM, UMI has decided to go one step ahead, so UMi Zero 2 will have a 4GB RAM memory. Undoubtedly, its Deca-Core processor, supported by 4GB of RAM, will make this device move smoothly all kind of applications. This smartphone will also offer 64GB of internal storage, so users can store a large number of applications, pictures, music or videos to enjoy them anytime.

UMi Zero 2 will incorporate Dual Camera technology

This device will incorporate one of the most innovative technologies in the market: Dual camera. This means that UMi Zero 2 will have two cameras on its back side, one for regular image-capturing, and another for recording of depth perception data. The idea behind this is that the extra depth data can let the phone know what objects are near and far from the sensor, and then allow the user to play with the focus after the fact in some interesting ways, such as blurring the background, or use different color effects for both foreground and background.

Price and availability

UMi Zero 2 will be released on the second quarter of 2016, and it will have the same price as UMi Zero: $299. As we have seen, this device will incorporate cutting-edge technology, characteristic of high-end devices whose price exceeds $600. Nevertheless, with the announcement of this smartphone, UMi keeps their promise to offer high performance devices affordable to everyone.

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