Technology Makes Our Smartphone Better

Under the contemporary of technology altered from day to day, the smartphone technology has already reached a new altitude, more mature facilities can benefit our smartphone more convenient to operate. Whereas, as people’s aspiration for better living is always boundless, hence, more innovation and revolution towards our modern generation smartphone is needed.
iOcean X8 Mini 5-inch 900/2100MHz MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Seemingly, ultra display touch screen is the key to success disputably. The more chance one specified cell phone equipped with large and clear display panel, the more opportunity for it to enjoy great achievement. Just like iOcean X8 mini, which is the one payed highly attention displaying. Ultra large 5-inch dimension is always the center of all attention, giving users a way to explore unknown area, in deed, it is. Combine to the “soul”–1280*720 pixels resolution, enable the best display effect and superb atmosphere all the time, meanwhile, it is a perfect embodiment of all its excellence and enrichment. That’s the reason why iOcean X8 mini is the particular one that always be warm-welcomed for ages.

What’s more, technology can make our cell phone intelligent. The best example is iOcean X8, the one equipped with smart Octa-core processor, which can “think” actively. When under light low circumstance, you can switch off the cores in case of high energy consumed that do not benefit to extend the standby time. On the contrary, when large analytical assignment or programs are needed to run in a fast speed, you can turn all eight cores on and achieve peak performance. Surely the intelligence of iOcean X8 is way better than ordinary smartphones.
iOcean X8 5.7-inch 3G 900/2100MHz MTK6592 1.7GHz Octa-core Smartphone
If the screen and processor are framework, then all its comprehensiveness are the muscle to construct a stout body. both iOcean X8 and iOcean X8 mini has deployed innovative functions that we can actually make good utilize of. Voice capture can be able to provide adequate convenience when recoding. Air gesture can make the operation more funny and enjoyable. Besides, with the support of wet touch and glove touch, more operating diversity is guaranteed without a doubt. Surely they are the best substance to create a strong and health “body”.

Taken as a whole, cell phone is a communication tool that nothing but plays a role on making phone call, sending message. Whereas, the discrepancy of what a smartphone ought to be is well-equipped with all these innovative design and technology, just like iOcean X8 and iOcean X8 mini, has made the smartphone high-technology while operation is convenient and comfortable.

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