How to take amazing selfies just like Victoria’s Secret models?


The 22nd Anniversary of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was finally staged in Shanghai on November 20th, 2017. While recalling this globally acclaimed fashion show, many people have not forgotten about the 55 glamorous supermodels and their 110 long legs that almost out of your horizon. Yes, you see the angels.

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Here are some spotlight events that attract most of the focus of the media and the public :

  • Supermodel Ming Xi from China fell on the stage, which is the first time in the history of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and this directly affects the time of the three models behind, resulting in the accident that the music is over but models are still walking on the stage.
  • The performers are different from the list exposed before – Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Katy Perry between which the relationship are quite complicated.
  • Gigi Hadid, who was on the list originally, was fiercely opposed by the netizens for discrimination against Asians and was said to have been denied the visa.
  • This is the first appearance of Candice Swanepoel after giving birth. This is also Karlie Kloss’s first return after a two-year absence(study programming). At the same time, this is also the Alessandra Ambrosio’s final farewell show, who have been on this Victoria’s Secret stage for 17 years since 2000. And Lais Ribeiro carried the Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra studded with 6,000 gemstones and worth $2 million (USD).

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Are these super-beautiful models really that happy and optimistic just like the pictures they post on the social network in life or in the backstage? Do they really own an enviable life? Except what you see on the stage, let’s take a look at the real secret behind the scene.

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What are the models doing backstage?

They are mainly doing three things: makeup, being interviewed and taking selfie. Do you think they are still busy with fitness? Wrong. They are so excited and taking group selfies all the times. As they all have slender body proportion and perfect face, it’s easy for them to take a beautiful selfie. Look at them casually making a pose which is so sexy and cute! If we do not have that long arm I guess we need a good selfie monopod.

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What did the models do after coming to Shanghai?

Certainly, they will not miss this opportunity to visit Shanghai. Not only they shuttled the city in the tour bus, but they also take pictures with the famous Huangpu River, Oriental Pearl Tower and other attractions. Angels stayed in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and they also had a really great time which you can tell. We always hope that when traveling, our photos can be not that tacky and be unique, but sometimes it’s hard to find a passerby who knows how to take pictures. I guess in this situation, we also need a good selfie monopod.

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How can you take a good selfie if you encountered Victorias Secret models on the road?

Although the chance of meeting the supermodel is very small, there are other embarrassing moments when taking a group selfie but some people are not in that photo. Try the BlitzWolf BW-BS2 monopod smartphone mount which is portable, Bluetooth enabled and compatible with any mobile phone. Made of aluminum alloy, this mini monopod is durable, light and easy to be taken anywhere. The clamp’s angle can be tilted up to 270 degrees, this enables you to perfectly frame your shot and this monopod bluetooth mode can be continuously used for 20 hours.

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