The T4S: Innovation at its Finest

Are you searching for a brand that delivers quality products that enhance your life? Look no further. Bluedio is the new trademark for the professional, sophisticated music aficionado, and the go-to brand for those who want to keep their style cool. Bluedio products are packed with powerful sound, and they rarely go wrong. With their high-quality ear-gear and speaker decor, Bluedio leads the pack in terms of their sleek look, and their visionary technology.

bluedio t4s

Take it with you on the road…

Their new flagship product, the Turbine 4S, does not fall short of their iconic craftsmanship. With the bluedio t4s, the wearer is guaranteed not only style but a superb listening experience that they will want to relive again and again. And they will; a quick ten-minute charge gives you up to three hours of listening time, while the full 90 minutes guarantees the wearer approximately 16 hours of listening. Whether you’re in a rush or have all time in the world, the Bluedio T4S is the right pick for every journey and every listening experience.

bluedio t4s

Stylish is the game

And if you’re in the headphone game for style, Bluedio understands: coming in three classy and bold colors, the TS4 is sure to fit any day, and any mood. With options in black, white, and red, each headset has that sleek, record-spinner finish, bringing another element of style and class to your daily listening.

bluedio t4s

Thousands times designs and tests

The sound of the headphones is of a superb quality, and there’s reason for this: eight immensely talented tuners spent 183 days tuning your headphones, and tested every single headphone 501 times to ensure this stellar quality. As you can clearly see, excellence is not easily attained, and Bluedio proves that continuously. To add on to these extensive features, the T4S also comes with full Bluetooth capabilities, meaning no wires and much less hassle! Each set also comes with a built-in mic, making it easy to answer calls that interrupt your listening.


And did I mention? Noise reduction serves as the primary feature of the bluedio t4 headphones, meaning less of the sounds surrounding you, and more of your music. With this feature, every detail of music can be heard, and your listening experience can transcend from good to absolutely fantastic.


Don’t only take my word for it, though: customers around the world are consistently impressed and pleased by the excellence that Bluedio brings into their work. After purchasing the new T4S, one customer noted: “By outlook and technical performance, it is a perfect product with unbelievable bass sounding”. Other customers agree, dubbing this new flagship product as “excellent”, “fantastic”, and “high quality.” Another customer was remarkably impressed by how quickly and simply the T4S connects do devices, and yet another customer fell in love with how comfortable and fashionable the T4S headphones are. With over 600 sets sold on, and the number rising every minute, the T4S Noise Cancelling Headphones are an absolute necessity for all, from the business people in suits and pencil skirts, to the skaters and hipsters in sneakers and tie-dye shirts.

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