Stylish phone with a delicious filling

Nowadays Xiaomi became a very popular company that surprises us with its innovative technologies. This company releases a great variety of gadgets, such as fitness trackers, power banks, earphones etc. But then when you hear the name of this brand you probably think about its smartphones. Everyone knows that this Chinese company impresses everyone with the incredible quality of inexpensive phones. So the company kept its character and released impressive Xiaomi redmi note 4.

xiaomi redmi note 4

So this is a budget gadget that makes a feeling of flagship power. Thanks to progressive CPU redmi note 4 provides you a lot of possibilities from comfortable fast working to resource-intensive games. Enjoy watching your favorite videos without any freezing. Also while watching you will be satisfied with comfortable 5,5” HD-display. You will appreciate the sweat graphics in games and the quality of videos.

xiaomi redmi note 4

Awesome software won’t be difficult in use. MIUI 8 provides users with a great number of features you will like them. The interface of this software is revealing the full potential of the phone and the ability to create multiple accounts will be a pleasant feature for smartphone owners. Also Xiaomi optimized battery consumption by careful creating of software shell. So enjoy using your phone without the necessity of being always near a power socket. Don’t forget about an enormous battery, 4100mAh will show you that that capacity matters.

xiaomi redmi note 4

If we are talking about smartphones, it is impossible not to mention about its camera. So xiaomi redmi note 4 offers you a terrific camera for this price. The front 5MP camera will show you a lot of smart beauty profiles that will be a pleasant addition to your awesome selfies. And as for the back 13MP camera, it will allow you to make incredible photos by using a great diversity of features such as panorama or HDR. And two-tone flash will help you to take a photo at any time you like.

xiaomi redmi note 4

What’s more? First of all, it is a phone, and it should be comfortable to hold, thanks to awesome ergonomic this phone will lay in your hand well. And marvelous metal shell makes this phone looking more expensive than it is. So you will certainly enjoy it every time you need to use it. Just even having a look of it will give you positive emotions.

xiaomi note 4 pro

And what is about security? Today this is a really actual question; nobody wants to endanger personal information. By using this phone you can forget about the fear of leaving your phone unattended. No one would serf your messages because it is impossible to do without your finger scan!


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