Stronger Performance, THL T100S

Subsequent to the launched of Samsung S3, which has great market share in short period, now THL has released their smartphone against it–THL T100S. As an emerging smartphone manufacturer in domestic market, THL enjoyed great reputation on its self-developed competence and high performance product, hence, the launched of THL T100S has became the focus of the news concurrently.

THL T100S has made several breakthrough on terms and conditions, some functions are even in the lead position in this business line. In the point of appearance, it adopted matte western design with four-straight-angle fuselage, added to black only main color, makes the whole looking comfortable and concise. Most importantly, it has upgraded the display screen. Covered with 5-inch Corning III gorilla glass capacitive touch screen, the resolution is up to 1920*1080 pixels, provided users the most appropriate reading environment and broader perspective. Moreover, thanks to the 16000K colors, the display effect is as clear as the real one. People will find out more enjoyment when playing 3D games or watching movies.

What’s more, it has inherited other smartphone series’s trait. It still uses 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, which is fully able tThL T100S Iron Man 5-inch MTK6592 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphoneo provide fast processing speed, even handling multiple assignments simultaneously is questionless. In addition, owing to the eight cores design, more batt
ery capacity will be saved as long as you switch off the idle under light load circumstance. Besides, the improvement on camera is terrific. Combined 13.0MP front camera to 13.0MP rear camera, which has became the first high configuration camera combination in domestic market, its an unprecedent case ever in China. More precious moments will be recorded and shared freely by both cameras. Auto heterodyne enthusiasm especially girls are in great content with it.

Apart from these prominent functions, THL T100S still equipped with plenty of innovative functions that offer more convenience. Like NFC, OTG, etc. To sum up, although THL is not the most multi-functional smartphone, whereas, it is the most characteristic smartphone with stronger performance you can find out in the market.

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