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Earlier before, VKworld launched the world’s very first naked-eye 3D smartphone with 3.0D Corning Gorilla glass–Discovery S1. And it immediately became one of the most heated-discussed phones because of its outstanding specification, unique features and affordable price. Now, the company is planning to release an update of the S1–the brand-new Discovery S2.

Discovery S2

The Discovery S1 is already a great phone but the S2 just takes every single feature to a whole new level. The most noticeable thing you can see is the industrial design. This time, the body is made of unibody metal case which requires much more time to design and produce.

Discovery S2

And the screen is also a 5.5-inch OGS IPS LG display covered with 2.5D Corning Gorilla glass and it has an improved vision of 3D display for better 3D effect and viewing experience. Most of all, even with the same size of display as the S1, the whole size of Discovery S2 is narrowed down. It’s 148×75×7.2mm compared to the S1 153.0×76×7.6mm and the iPhone 6s Plus 158.2×77.9×7.3mm. That’s because it features extremely thin bezel as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 so that it won’t be a problem to use the phone with one hand. And it presents true-to-life images and full-immersion experience.

Discovery S2

Another huge improvement for the Discovery S1 is the popular finger print sensor on the back. The finger print sensor on the back is actually more convenient than those on the front, because when you pick up the phone your index finger or middle finger will be right in the place of the sensor so you don’t need to change your hand position. Not only can the finger print sensor secure the safety of your privacy, it can also be used in payment so you don’t have to input long passwords which are often forgettable and unsafe. It can guarantee the similar experience like the iPhone. But it can do more than the iPhone. For example, when taking pictures you can use the finger print sensor as a physical camera shutter. And it applies to music as well. Just touch it to control your music playback.

The Discovery S2 comes with more other cool features to find out and it is said that VKworld is about to set the price at only $299.99. Isn’t that exciting?

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