Stick and Flip, Trouble Easily Slip

Different DOOGEE has different feature and trait, as well as different configuration and equipment, however, all of them deserve exactly the same elaborate and considerable protection in case of any accidental damages happens wherever and whenever possible. Apparently, suit your device a proper protective case is the most primitive but effective way.
Flip Leather Magnetic Protective Case For DOOGEE DG650 DG650S
Compare to those thin, tedious smartphone without screen coverage, both DOOGEE DG650 DG650S Case and DOOGEE TURBO DG2014 case adopted special magnetic flip design that enable your sophisticated all-around protection including protection to the screen against scratch, impact, squeeze effectively. Besides, both of them abandoned inner hard case, which may create potential scratch and dust in way, instead, you can fasten your device by sticking on massive stick stripe, reduce the risk of suffering more accidental damages substantially. By the way, the stripe is easy to clean, undo you a new device even uninstall the protective case.
Flip PU Leather Case For DOOGEE TURBO DG2014
On the other hand, among three DOOGEE protective case, DOOGEE DG350 case is the only one adopted half transparent frontage, making any essential information to be seen without unlock the case. What’s more, more convenience can be expressed on the ports or buttons, although the case fits the device tightly, any buttons or ports can be reached without remove the case, how convenient it is during the entire usage. In addition, DG350 case is extreme good to look by first glance only, came with aesthetic black and white color mix pattern, demonstrate your device more elegant and noble, no wonder it has enjoyed hot sales within such a short time.

Although flip and stick design is not the patent of DOOGEE, whereas, the above three protective cases with such a practical design has exerted its practicability and assistance thoroughly, keeping troublesomeness miles aways from your device.

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