Special Features Of SISWOO R8 Monster

4G LTE, 3GB RAM, MTK6595M Octa-core processor, 13MP rear camera, 5.5-inch 1080P screen, all of these belongs to the powerful “monster” which called SISWOO R8 Monster, moreover, you can expect distinctive features below as well.

If you have no idea what NFC function is, take it easy, bear in mind that you can identify your digital ID or membership, access to entrance, take public transportation, do wireless payment or even login your PC through NFC of R8 Monster, which is part of the future.SISWOO R8 Monster

2A Charger
Rather than squander valuable time and suffer counter-less waiting, an enhanced 2A charger allows 2.5A high current rapid input, in other words, you can charge a 3350mAh smartphone fully in 1.5 hours.SISWOO R8 Monster

IR Remote
You must dream of integrating every single home appliance through one simple smartphone, now, with the adoption of infrared function, your dream will come true finally as air conditioning, house equipment, TV and others are all under control.SISWOO R8 Monster

HiFi Music
With an upgraded HiFi chipset and output configuration, you now can affect the atmosphere and experience stunningly enjoyable musical feast wherever and whenever possible.
SISWOO R8 Monster
2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi
Such a balanced WiFi combination not just compatible with the older 2.4GHz and newer 5GHz WiFi, but also implement each of their drawback and enable the best WiFi environment.

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