The Smartphone Better Than iPhone

We all may acknowledged that iPhone is the best smartphone with superb performance, fashionable outlook and the largest bulk of users. There is no doubt that the popularity and users can not be surpassed in short period, however, is there any smartphone better iPhone exist? The answer is yes.

JIAYU S2 32GB is the answer, as far as data figures is concerned, JIAYU S2 32GB has excessed iPhone by a wide margin. In point of outlook, JIAYU S2 still uses ultra large 5-inch Gorilla Glass Capacitive touch screen, the resolution is up to 1920*1080 pixels, anything that shown on the screen is clear and detailed, the display effect is vibrant and as vivid as real. Thanks to the retina touch screen, it will not harmful to your eyes even reading in depth. What’s more, JIAYU S2 is fully able to support gesture sensing, users will have more fun during the usage.

Underneath the gorgeous appearance, JIAYU S2 32GB possessed its powerful “heart”. Equipped with 2GB RAM, 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, run any single application is questionless. What’s more, when handling plenty of programs and heavy assignments, all eight cores will achieve peak performance in order to main fast processing speed and stable performance. In addition, to satisfied the demand for more young generation on auto heterodyne, it has enhanced the camera combination up to terrific 8 MP Sony front camera and 13MP rear camera. To tJIAYU S2 Advanced Version 5-inch MTK6592 32GB ROM Octa-core Smartphoneell you the truth, 8MP pixels for rear camera is adequate for normal smartphone. More valuable moments will be recorded and shared freely.

Came with the completed functions that provide consumers the utmost convenience in daily life like WIFI, GPS, Compass. Various formats of documents can be read and transformed to easily.

JIAYU S2 32GB has surpassed iPhone in all aspects apart from popularity. However, it is such a excellent smartphone that attracted everyone’s attention and it is so called the smartphone better than iPhone.

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