Sleek But Large Capacity Portable Power Bank Recommendations

Review an entire portable power bank market in 2014, the one with over 30000mAh capacity, the one with extremely high conversion rate up to 90%, the one with smallest size and lightest weight are the center of all attentions once. Whereas, as consumers getting rational and sophisticated, I reckon aesthetic and practical replacement battery with adequate electricity will bound to be a main stream in 2015.
8800mAh Ultra Thin 2 USB Portable Power Bank For Smartphone
Just like 8800mAh Portable Power Bank, which is a truly balance. First and foremost, 170 grams only is already way lighter than most power bank available currently, it not just easy to take along but never put burden to any further strain. In addition, never underestimate 8800mAh capacity slightly disadvantageous, in fact, it is already enough to extend standby time of iPhone 6 two maybe three times long. More importantly, it definitely is one of the most beautiful battery if I may. Medium width and slim fuselage is the key to comfortable holding sensation while assorted colors can sublimate adorning effect to a new boundary.
15600mAh External Power Bank Dual USB Battery Charger For Smartphone
Of course, if you take a fancy to something with higher capacity, perhaps 15600mAh Portable Power Bank is just right for the part in my kind of view, probably you will staggered at how practical it perform. Undoubtedly, 15000mAh electricity capacity is outperform than 65% of current batteries, not to mention shortage. Owning to four adapters to be involved as attachment, making itself perfect replacement battery for diverse device in different specification. Mind you, both 2.1 and 1.0 output ports are available, that means fast or normal charging are all up to your preference.
5200mAh Polymer Power Bank With LED Flashlight For Mobile Phone
Last but not least, mention about practicability and accuracy, 5200mAh Portable Power Bank can not be a more appropriate option if you are meticulous and prefer everything being disciplined. Rather than vague, four LED indicators can accurately show you remaining capacity wherever and whenever possible. In the meanwhile, it still can playing a role as electric torch, which is a basic equipment to meet consumers’ widely usage. Mind you, although it doesn’t come with power capacity as large as previous two, however, it doesn’t come with cost as high as the previous two as well. In a way, it can redefine cost-effective and superb practical.

According to your preference, charging preference and using behavior, the above mentioned above are ideal options without all questions.

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