Sharp Aquos S2: A Perfect Blend of Sharpness and Performance

Sharp released this mid-range classy device into the world of smartphones in 2015, some four years ago and honestly speaking, this device was was considered a game changer of its time. Why do I say this? well, at the time of its release, the device itself was reasonably equipped with flagship excellent features such as a dual rear camera and the much revered Qualcomm Snapdragon series processor technology.

sharp aquos s2

With that said, this phone was able to comfortably keep up with all the new trends in 2017. It even made the playing of 3D games extremely smoother than ever before.


The shipping box comes with:

-1 Sharp Aquos 2 Smartphone

-1 Phone case

-1 Headphone adapter

-1 Type C cable

-1 EU Charger

-1 Card eject pin

sharp aquos s2


Design and Body Build

By today’s standards, the Sharp Aquos 2 is proportionately compact. It comes in an impressive 87.5% screen to body ratio, which is absolutely fine for all of us. Its display dominates almost the entire screen, but at the bottom, we can find an enhanced fingerprint scanner and the ‘Sharp’ logo.

At the mid-top o the screen, we have a large front camera. It is only on the sides that you will find metal on this phone. I bet this metal surrounding is deliberately used to increase the device’s robustness to falls and impact. Of course, you cannot compare this top-notch design with those you find on many other plastic-framed phones.

sharp aquos s2

The volume rocker and key buttons are found on the right side while the left side is preserved for dual-hybrid SIM Card and MicroSD slot. At the bottom, there is a USB Type C connector, loudspeaker, and microphone. The fact that this phone lacks a headphone jack is disappointing especially for music lovers who are forced to find other means that they can use to listen to their favorite songs yet they have a phone. That is a real turn off for most people.

And yes, at 140 g and 7.9 mm of width, this device quite light and thin, and this is a really good thing about the design. The build quality is alright but still more needs to be done to get rid of the plastic back.

sharp aquos s2

Display, Software and Battery Life

Sharp Aquos 2 comes with a desirable 5” Liquid Crystal Display of an impressive resolution 2040*1080 and so the image quality is generally good with this device. But the color saturation is not fine for us.

By using the display settings, you are able to adjust color representation and temperature. When we talk about software, Sharp Aquos 2 runs on Android 8.0 Operating System, which we can describe as not that much outdated because as of 2019, we still operate on version 8.1. On top of that, the device comes with a high-performance Snapdragon 630 Octacore that can clock up to 2.2 GHz. To enhance performance, these two features are supported by 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage capacity.

Let us now take a look at the battery life of this device. It is powered by a 3020 mAh Li-Po battery, which gives you about 5-6 screen-on time. This time includes all the activities you can do with a phone, including taking some great pictures, browsing, phone calls and much more. The fact that Snapdragon processors barely use a lot of energy helps extend battery life to even a whole day. That is quite fine for the end user.

sharp aquos s2


The Aquos comes with an 8 MP front camera and a 12 MP rear camera that is usually accompanied by an 8 MP deep sensor camera. A perfect blend of the two lenses gives you nothing short of great images if you wish to preserve your memories. The camera application that is in-built in the phone enhances camera output by letting you adjust ISO, shutter speed, focusing and white balance.

But the most interesting thing with the cameras must be the quality of bokeh or simply background blur that they can give your output image. It is really amazing using the camera features of Aquos 2.

sharp aquos s2


-Full HD Screen display for the best user experience will make you have an excellent hand feeling and you can easily operate it using one hand

– Qualcomm Snapdragon processor enhances overall performance

-Has a stunning crystal amber body

-Outstanding dual camera and display resolution

-Supports 3G, 4G, GPS,  high-speed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

– Comes with enhanced fingerprint scanners and facial recognition to help you securely unlock your device as fast as possible

– Relatively cheap. Great features at only US$129.99



-There is a need to get rid of the plastic back

-Hybrid SIM Card/MicroSD slot limits options

-No headphone jack

-Excess color saturation

In Conclusion

Apparently, the advantages of Sharp Aquos 2 outweigh its major shortcomings and considering its inexpensive price and great features, you cannot go wrong with purchasing this cool gadget. Over to you!

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