Several Helpful Tips On Choosing Smartphone

As now various brands of smartphone with different styles and functionalities available concurrently, it is always tricky to recognize the quality and configuration before making the decision because you will never know how good or how bad it is. Maybe you are puzzle on choosing an appropriate smartphone, however, the below tips will be helpful in a way.

First and foremost, choosing an appropriate touch screen. How to definite appropriate? It means it is comfortable for you to operate by one hand only. Like JIAYU G4S series, which is compose of JIAYU G4S 1GB and JIAYU G4S 2GB, both of them adopted 4.7-inch display touch screen, it is comfortable for holding, convenient to handle by one hand and easy to put into any pocket. Besides, the material of the screen has great affect on visual, both JIAYU G4S series using Corning II Gorilla Glass, offering a strengthen hardness and vivid display effect, came with retina technology, which benefits the tremendous reading environment and your eyes.

In addition, internal is crucial. Basically, thanks to the reason that JIAYU G4S 1GB and JIAYU G4S 2GB possess with Octa-core processor, so the processing speed and efficiency is guaranteed. Besides, the configuration of RAM matters the reacting speed, 2GB RAM benefits multiple applications running smoothly compared to 1GB, so that means JIAYU G4S 2GB is nearly two times faster than JIAYU G4S 1GB. More importantly, built-in an extended TF card slot can saved you buying an extra memory card directly.
JIAYU G4S 4.7-inch 2GB RAM MT6592 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
Last but not least, functionality is essential. In order to bringing more convenience to your daily life, it is quite crucial to choose a comprehensive smartphone. On one hand, with built-in high camera combination, GPS, various sensors among many other gadgets that can bring more enjoyment everyday, on the other hand, more assistance will be available when necessary, which is important under most circumstances.

Overall, although the above advises are just my personal opinion but if you are one of the common consumers like me, you will definitely take it into consideration, hopefully they will help on choosing an optimum smartphone.

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