How To Select The Right Dustproof Plug?

Early in 2012, smartphone dustproof plug has became one of the best selling cell phone accessory already, playing a role as earphone jack protector mainly and a part of decorative. Now, as technology altering from day to day, several inventive plug like Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug has came out already, which richened user experience a lot. However, not all the dustproof plug is suitable for your device, be careful when making a purchase.
Quick Button Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug For Smartphone Cellphone
Despite of how aesthetic one’s exterior is, it is necessary to make sure 100% compatibility. To be fair, there is no suspense that not all dustproof plug has exactly the same specification and workmanship as rigorous as Quick Button Dustproof Plug, but it is always tricky to distinguish tiny discrepancy by yourself, hence, it is advisable to choose those in hot sale or with positive comment leaving by authentic users. It is slightly not that important whether overall decorative will be sublimated sleeker, but a plug that compatible with your smartphone perfectly can work at least.
Quick Button Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug For Smartphone Cellphone
Coming up is the issue of material. There are numerous kinds of plugs that made of aluminum, PVC, leather, wood, rubber, silicone or even resin, so which one is the best? I reckon the answer is all depend on your preference. Some users may said metal dustproof will scratch or ruin the jack port, obviously, if you take a fancy to better dustproof or waterproof capacity, metal plug is still a first choice because it is compact, solid and never change its shape by temperature fluctuation. Of course, in consideration of protection, silicone or rubber is just right for the part, because of proper softness.
Quick Button Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug For Smartphone Cellphone
Moreover, under the precondition of appropriate compatibility and decent dust resistance, the better additional function it comes, the more you should try, for instance, Quick Button Shortcuts Key Dustproof Plug. With the plug being assembled appropriately, so long as you press the button on the very front tip, you can easily access to snap shot, accelerate function or initiate quick record as you wish. Behold, if you are a girl who love cuter exterior, probably those plugs with distinctive character or special decor will be your optimum choice.

There is no absolute right or wrong when choose a correct dustproof plug, hopefully the advises above will be helpful.

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