Second Round Xiaomi Week: Xiaomi Mi Band And Power Strip

There is no suspense, this week here on Banggood belongs to Xiaomi! As it is known to you, the first round of Xiaomi crazy sales is still in progress, more than that, second round is coming soon, “main characters” are Xiaomi Mi Band, power strip and Mi Band strap.

xiaomi sale


To our surprise, we were told that BG is announcing second round of Xiaomi crazy sales this week even though the first round is still far away from over, it will be released officially tomorrow morning, from 29th-31st, July.Dissimilar to first round sales campaign, three totally different Xiaomi masterpieces will be involved this time, those are:Xiaomi Miband

1. Xiaomi Mi Band, $18.79

Without further introduction, as hot stuff in 2014, as one of the first cost-effective wearable intelligent device, Xiaomi Mi Band has enjoyed success more than enough, 32208 sales shows everything.Xiaomi Mi Band Strap

2. Xiaomi Mi Band Strap, $3.71

An original strap for Mi Band with four dazzling colors offered, such a low cost is even more competitive than JD, eBay or Amazon, purely high cost performance.

Xiaomi Power Strip

3. Xiaomi Power Strip, $14.25

Likewise, $14.25 for this power strip ought to be the lowest you can find out. It offers triple 2.1A USB ports and three universal AU standard plugs for home alliances. Along with Texas chips and 9 security protections.

Although figure of discounted Xiaomi product is not as many as the previous one, however, Banggood has prepared a lot of stocks beforehand, I mean, really is a lot. 500 pieces of Mi Band, 1000 pieces of Mi Band strap and literally 100 power strip are stocked properly so that people seldom have to be haunted with short supply.

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