Search upscale smart phone Choose JIAYU G5S

Do you know JIAYU smart phone? You may hear this brand seldom.This brand has many products with different functions which can make you surprised. JIAYU G5S is nice in many aspects which are the important point for people to consider.And it has two versions that can satisfy different demands of people.

With 4.5 inch IPS screen, this phone is large enough for you to enjoy movies and games.If your demand is not very high about the ram,JIAYU G5S 1GB is suitable for you to use. 1GB ram and 4GB rom are enough for running the large programs with fast speed and save much enough things. Designed with octa core, it also can running a super fast speed which is much better than the core that less than quad core.Its pixel is excellent that can make you unbelievable.3.0MP front camera and 13.0MP rear camera can take super clear photos. When you want to go traveling, you won’t worried about your luggage too heavy that you needn’t carry a professional camera.The effect of photos taken by G5S is not worse than the camera.There is two chosen colors: black and silver.These two colors both can show your elegant temperament with contracted design of appearance.Males and females both can use black or silver for increasing the business temperament.

If you are one of the people who have high demand of the system,JIAYU G5S 2GB can fully satisfy you. 2GB ram and 16GB rom are such powerful to run programs and save much documents or data.You won’t be worried about it will have a congestion of running prJIAYU G5S 4.5-inch 2GB RAM MT6592 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphoneograms. The configuration of pixel and the other function are the same with the mentioned version.

Someone pays attention to the system of smart phone and hopes to choose a higher configuration.The second one is suitable for you.And someone need the smart phone with not bad system.The first one is good enough with lower price.

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