S958 smart watch review – the best available for iPhone 8


Most people fear taking part in workout and sporting activities because they consider it boring, while others see it as hectic. Most of the people in the first category would consider indulging in such exercises if they had access to any device that would make it more interesting. Although many devices such as monitoring watches have been introduced into the market, finding the most suitable one can be challenging, especially for iPhones.


S958 smart watch for iphone8 has many features that let you keep track of your heart rate and other important vital organs in your body as you take part in sporting activities or workout. Whether you’re running on a treadmill, jogging in a park or riding a bicycle, this gadget is an important product that everyone should have.

S958 smart watch

rich and professional functions

With multiple functions like heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, speedometer and barometer, this S958 device has state of the art features. Those who have high blood pressure or heart problems can find it very useful since they’ll be able to know when to stop the exercise from the monitors. The speedometer and barometer will show you the exact speed you’re moving at and the atmospheric pressure respectively. It also has sleep monitor features that will keep track of your sleeping patterns and duration, as well as GPS that will always show your location even if you decide to venture into unfamiliar areas.


having more fun

For entertainment, you get a music player enhanced with Bluetooth connection ability. This makes it possible to create a playlist and enjoy your favorite music as you work at keeping fit. No matter where you are, you can always get notifications related to any phone calls and messages, allowing you to respond as you wish. This increases the convenience because regardless of what you’re doing, you no longer have to worry about missing important and urgent calls and messages. Other features include a long-lasting battery, large display screen, and easily customizable settings. This watch lets you set up reminders, stopwatch and alarm clocks, access your phone calendar, recording as well as media files like photos.

S958 smart watch

all five-star reviews

The efficiency and effectiveness of the S958 smart watch are not only shown in its features, but also in the customer reviews. Those who already have the device consider it a worthy investment suitable for not only those who’re struggling with weight loss but also everyone else, regardless of whether they like outdoor activities or not. Other customers wish they would have known about it sooner while others say they wouldn’t exchange for anything else. All these prove that this is a device worth buying.









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