S09 PTT Smartphone, Born For Outdoors

The magical enchantment of outdoor smartphone is endless, though S09 PTT Smartphone may not be the most sophisticated one with discounted retail price, but you can’t argue it is just right for the part if you are looking for something with superb outdoor style.
S09 PTT Smartphone
Ingress protection, in a way, is the soul of every single outdoor smartphone. S09 PIT comes with IP68, which is the best outdoor protection authorized by international standard, in other words, it can effectively keep 99% of dust or tiny grain far away, and easy to submerge under 2 meters depth water for 30 minutes.
S09 PTT Smartphone
Enclosed fuselage
How solid the whole phone is? S09 PTT has integrated tempered conformation inside and military plastic coverage outside, each part of outer protection is tight up by aluminum screws, just in case of leak or flex.
S09 PTT Smartphone
Basic configuration
Sounds a little bit unnecessary, but you can’t separate decent configurations from a premium outdoor smartphone, that’s the reason why S09 PTT loads up with MTK6589 Quad-core processor, PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU, Android 4.2 OS, 1GB RAM, 4.3-inch IPS screen with 960*540 pixels resolution, 8MP prime camera.
S09 PTT Smartphone
Besides, couple that to intelligent sensors including gravity sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor, magnetic field sensor, etc, which is helpful when positioning locations or showing topography, of course, for better accuracy and safer outdoor experience.

$209.99 retail price looks exaggerated but it is well worthy the cost, what’s your idea?

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