The Revolutionary New Phone For A Modern You


Since the advent of the smartphones, people are constantly shifting to mobile platform from desktops and laptops because of ease and convenience of connecting to the world. There are hundreds of phones brands with thousands of different phones models competing with each other to offer a better mobile experience for the users. But most phones fail to overcome some of the basic problems that mobile users often come across.

AllCall Rio S smartphone

Luckily, there is a new leader in smartphone technology that has arisen to meet the modern day needs in a mobile phone. Say hello to the all-new revolutionary AllCall Rio S Smartphone with 4G technology and a variety of unique features.

AllCall Rio S smartphone

Key Highlights

One of the main visible features of AllCall Rio S phone is the dual 3D curved screen, which means you can enjoy an extended view on a curved display on both sides of the screen. Moreover, the display is made using triple layers of toughened glass protection that protects your phone from any accidental drops. Each layer of the glass is as tough as steel, making it impossible for the display to be damaged when the phone slips from your hand. This feature makes the phone the toughest one in the market ever.

AllCall Rio S smartphone

Battery backup of AllCall smartphone is a 3200mAh polymer battery that enables 48 hours of non-stop usage. For the standby, you can expect seven days which is ideal when you are traveling long distances. The optimized power saving feature eliminates the need for you to carry a charger or additional battery pack with you. The MTK6737 processor is an ultra lower power processor in this phone that ensures minimal battery usage even with optimal performance. The 8.0 MP dual HD Sony cameras in the rear capture every tiny detail in the image. So you can expect crystal clear pictures and video with AllCall Rio S 4G smartphone. The front 2.0 MP camera is great for selfies as it captures HD images too.

AllCall Rio S smartphone

Other Features

AllCall Rio S smartphone comes in two sizes; one with 5 inches display and another with large 5.5 inches. AllCall Rio S phones come in four different attractive colors; red, black, gold and lake Baikal blue which is a fairly new color which no other phone in the market has. The display screen also comes with Japan’s popular and latest anti-fingerprint technology. So the screen does not retain any stain or fingerprint that makes it look new even after years. The phone comes loaded with the latest Android 7.0 (Nougat) OS for superior performance and user experience.


Overall, this AllCall Rio S smartphone is ideal for the modern day usage and overcomes most problems that occur in other phones in this affordable price range.

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