Review Of PHICOMM Smartphone, A Sword With Two Blades

Despite of how sophisticated large screen smartphone is developing, there is no suspense middle-end smartphone is still a foremost choice for most potential consumers, for people with low budget particularly. Recently, another two smartphones from PHICOMM are trying to freshen up the whole market, can they achieve it? Seeing is believing!
PHICOMM X100w 4.7-inch Snapdragon MSM8225Q Quad-core Smartphone
In the view of normal potential consumer, I reckon PHICOMM X100w is the one worth considering. Why? The whole impression can tell the truth. Surely a large 4.7-inch display OGS screen has conformed to the main stream of ultra large screen era tightly, the screen resolution is 1280*720 pixels, though it still has room to improve, but it is ample for a middle-end smartphone presenting superb displaying and legibility.

A Snapdragon Quad-core processor is what I interested the most because seldom can middle-end smartphone powered by 1.2GHz four-core processor acts as we wish. The entire experience is still impressive, smooth and stable without too much failure when running heavy assignment. You still can take advantage of decent camera and multiple sensors for convenient operation. Overall, PHICOMM X100w is undeniable an excellent smartphone but in slightly higher cost as I expected.
PHICOMM C230w 4-inch Qualcomm MSM8212 1.2GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Coming up is another masterpiece from PHICOMM– PHICOMM C230w. Of course, what caught my eyesight first is nothing but an appealing price tag less than 60USD, which is inspired. Regarding to performance, a 1.2GHz Quad-core processor is still as stable and powerful as usual. I have to emphasized a 42M network speed particularly because whatever I do, surfing news, downloading application or updating Facebook, an unprecedent fast network environment will be with me all the time, what a rare experience it was.

Disadvantages? Of course, apart from what I mentioned above, a 2MP rear camera, 4-inch screen as well as screen resolution are still way to our satisfaction in my kind of view. Nevertheless, such a bargain smartphone with first class network speed, you still have plenty of reason to make up your mind on it.
PHICOMM X100w 4.7-inch Snapdragon MSM8225Q Quad-core Smartphone
All in all, definitely there is no significance to make comparison between PHICOMM X100w and PHICOMM C230w though they are in identical level, which dazzling spot are you prefer the most? It will all up to your preference.

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