Review Of Zipper Earphone With MIC

Young generation can’t live without earphone, especially white collar, seriously, you can witness a “spectacular” scenery that 7 out of 10 passengers in public transportation will choose to put on their earphone and addict to the smartphone world. Hence, it is no exaggeration to say the quality of earphone defines one’s spirits or even working condition in the morning. So, how’s performance of Zipper Earphone With MIC that enjoyed a hot sale recently?
1.2M Zipper Earphone With MIC for Mobile phone MP3 MP4
Unlike traditional earphone that coming with solid and big earphone muff section, an in-ear design of this zipper earphone is more comfortable and cosy obviously. Different people have different ear shape, but a soft and flexible muff stem from 1.2M Zipper Earphone With MIC can fit all the shape perfectly, just burdenless and adjustable. I have put on this earphone for more than half of a day and found nothing uncomfortable, not to mention red and swollen. I even go to bed with this accessory hanging on my ear, just comfortable as always.
1.2M Zipper Earphone With MIC for Mobile phone MP3 MP4
In the aspect of length, Zipper Earphone With MIC did a great job in the aspect of earphone wire. A zipper wire has solved the annoying wire tangle issue, which bothers me every time when I use. More importantly, as someone who like everything organized and disciplined, I appreciate this clever design because the length of wire is easy to be adjusted in accordance with my preference, what a helpful design particularly in freaking cold winter.
1.2M Zipper Earphone With MIC for Mobile phone MP3 MP4
Regarding to the kernel of this zipper earphone– sound experience, it can basically meet my demand. Can not be defined as enjoyable, decent sound quality and average clarity is guaranteed whatsoever. It has a great performance in the zone of alto voice and bass, particularly outstanding when playing drum instruments. Of course, in consideration of the cost, which is 5USD only, I didn’t expect impressive performance but it actually was passable to “deduce” those professional zone of voice, for instance, high-pitch voice or percussion music.

Nevertheless, take overall experience into consideration, although it didn’t present high cost performance, however, it is well worthy its money in a way.

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