Review Of Mpie Mini 809T,”Good things come in small packages”

“What a staggering smartphone enjoyment it is”, disputably this is an intuitive impression derive from people who experienced marvelous visual impact and true eight-core enjoyment of Mpie 809T, which is worthy trying. Recently, its mini version is released– Mpie Mini 809T, so, will it keep on inheriting extraordinary smartphone enjoyment as usual?

At first glance only, I can embrace an inheritance of true aesthetic outward deeply, neat design, slim fuselage, colorful back case, looks so “sweet” no matter in what angle are you observing.
Mpie Mini 809T 4.5-inch Android 4.4 MTK6582 Quad-core Smartphone
Before taking a fully advantage of Mpie Mini 809T, I was quite puzzled looking at the parameter chart because all the configurations are obviously not as high as the previous one. Accompany with this skepticism, I woke up its screen and found myself totally one-sided. Exactly as 3.7-4.5 inch screen an optimum dimension for convenient operation and ideal displaying, said by Steve Jobs, this mini version deployed the most comfortable screen section with exhaust-less 480*854 pixels screen resolution, the change is conspicuous. Although it is not stunning as original version, a legible, appropriate and comfortable is just about perfect to present any views in perfect condition, neither do I have to magnify in particular despite of dimension shortage.

Except for the size of touch screen, the replacement of 1.3GHz Quad-core processor is highly-anticipated, as a matter of fact, it is ample for a middle-end smartphone. Whatever I operated, a convenience operation and true smoothness, stability are impressive. Of course, surely the sense of convenient operation has connection with 4.5-inch screen dimension more or less.
Mpie 809T 5-inch Android 4.4 MTK6592 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
Besides, just about a mature and sophisticated four-core processor from Mpie Mini 809T can it remedy low stability and high battery-consumption. Scarcely did it get stuck when I was playing large games, opening multiple windows to surfed Internet or even running a few applications at the same time. Can not be called as incredible fast, but smooth, accurate and mature performance is the essence itself.

Pros? Of course Mpie Mini 809T still has rooms to be better. Although a stable four-core processor is amazing, but 512M RAM is slightly lower even compare to smartphone in identical level. However, under the precondition of such a comfortable and smooth performance as well as unbelievable cost performance, which cost less than 90USD, there is no suspense to call Mpie Mini 809T another true smartphone enjoyment, particularly for people who eager to make a purchase but with low budget.

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