Review Of Lenovo A916 4G, Facts Speaks Louder Than Words

We all acknowledge that Lenovo smartphone is famous for its enjoyable user experience and superb cost performance, Lenovo A606 4G is the representative, where unforgettable smartphone enjoyment derives from. However, now that the demand of better middle-end smartphone is bottomless, to conquer more market share, Lenovo release its new weapon–Lenovo A916 4G, but how outperform it is? The facts will tell the best.

5.5 inch display touch screen
Lenovo A606 4G 5-inch Android 4.4.2 MTK6582 Quad-core Smartphone
Among 2305 smartphones, an ultra large 5.5-inch screen from Lenovo A916 4G is larger than 86% of them effortlessly. What’s the point? For unprecedent thrilled visual impact, convenient operation and stunning user experience disputably.

1280*720 pixels screen resolution

Among 2305 smartphones, 1280*720 pixels is just better than 63% of them in contrast. Perhaps you may doubt it just passable, however, exactly as this configuration coordinates perfectly with ultra large screen and leads to comfortable reading environment as well as legible displaying. It is not hard to tell its goal–for the most appropriate only not for the best.

2500mAh built-in battery
Lenovo A916 4G 5.5-inch HD MTK6592 Octa-core Smartphone
Among 2305 smartphones, 2500mAh battery of Lenovo A916 4G Smartphone is higher than 78% of them disputably. No other than this golden electricity capacity can it balance higher consumption caused by larger display touch screen and true Octa-core processor.

13.0MP rear camera
Lenovo A916 4G 5.5-inch HD MTK6592 Octa-core Smartphone
Among 2305 types of smartphones, the one from Lenovo has surpassed 82% of them. Accompany with this terrific configuration, there is no reason for it not be the best between middle-end smartphones, no to mention capturing true aesthetic, beautiful scenery at anytime anywhere.

1.4GHz Octa-core processor

Among 2305 smartphone, a real eight-core processor of Lenovo A916 4G is probably the best of them, more than 96% are not as excellent as A916 when running large applications, processing heavy assignment and routine operations.

Seeing is believing, accompany with tremendous configuration and equipment like above, it is liberal for you to anticipate immersive displaying, incredibly fast internal performance brought by Lenovo A916 4G.

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