Review Of JIAYU S3, A Self-transcendence

As philosopher once said, “The biggest happiness in life is realizing self-transcendence.”, it works on smartphone industry as well obviously, JIAYU S3 is the best demonstration. Although it is still far away to be smartphone as excellent and popular as iPhone, however, for JIAYU itself, it is exactly a giant leap.
JIAYU S3 4G LTE 5.5-inch 3GB RAM MTK6752 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
Without a doubt, one of several dazzling enhancements derive from JIAYU S3 3GB can not be isolated with incredibly large internal space– 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM maximum. Even smartphone amateur will acknowledge that parameter of RAM defines cell phone reacting speed, the larger RAM is, the faster process your can enjoy. Not to mention any single application, any of large programs, heavy assignments or large games like The Need for Speed can be ran simultaneously with barricade free! In addition, there is no need to emphasize the importance of larger inner storage capacity up to 64ROM.
JIAYU S3 4G LTE 5.5-inch 2GB RAM MTK6752 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
Of course, compare to previous generation of smartphone JIAYU S2, even JIAYU S3 2GB is prominent at the support of 4G-LTE. Mind you, don’t underestimate 4G-LTE network environment useless once abroad, as a matter of fact, it is capable under continentals and regions. There is no suspense that both upload and download speed will over 150-450Mbps, even download 1GB large files can be done within one or two minutes. Can you imagine unprecedent smooth and fast environment when surfing Internet, watching online videos or updating social network applications?
JIAYU S3 4G LTE 5.5-inch 2GB RAM MTK6752 1.7Ghz Octa-core Smartphone
Moreover, apart from extraordinary improvement mentioned above, JIAYU S3 still made breakthroughs in terms and conditions in particular. For instance, a larger and widen 5.5-inch IPS screen with proper resolution is amazing; An upgraded Bluetooth 4.1 version can achieve more wireless operation easily; An enhanced built-in battery up to 3000mAh can extend smartphone enjoyment longer than you can expect. Keep digging, you will find JIAYU S3 an evolution inside and revolution outside.

In my kind of view, it is liberal to compare JIAYU S3 to smartphone in identical level, present how outperform this masterpiece is like what we do usually. However, any significance will not bound to be as valuable as it self-transcendence.

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