Review Of iOcean X8 Mini Pro

Frankly speaking, if you are asking for advise which one is better between iOcean X8 and iOcean X8 Mini, disputably it is miserable to make any decision because scarcely will I going to leave an elegant design and brilliant technology of iOcean X8 Mini, no to mention an incredible fast performance and unforgettable user experience derive from iOcean X8. Fortunately, we can end this debate thanks to the emerge of iOcean X8 Mini pro, which make a balance among these two perfectly.
iOcean X8 5.7-inch 3G 900/2100MHz MTK6592 1.7GHz Octa-core Smartphone
Maybe you are nitpicking that screen of iOcean X8 is too massive for convenient operation while the display section from iOcean X8 Mini lack of perfect legibility, then a golden ratio 5 inch screen construct by Gorilla III OGS full lamination surface as well as appropriate resolution of 1280*720 pixels is optimum, what am I talking about is iOcean X8 Mini pro. I find it surprisingly suitable to present details as legible as I wish, even without magnify. Besides, a true gorgeous display effect will make huge visual impact every time I embrace definition movies, what a joy to watch. By the way, just about the proper size has ensured best one hand control whatever you do.
iOcean X8 Mini 5-inch 900/2100MHz MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone
Besides, apart from powerful kernel that consist of 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, brand new CPU and OS, which is inherited from iOcean X8, the bottomless technology that iOcean X8 Mini pro deployed is highly-anticipated naturally. It is liberal for me activating the application I desire for by hand-painted a pattern directly. I still can enjoy huge convenience to store more large files or documents thanks to the improvement of inner space up to 32GB. Besides, accompany with 2GB RAM, what a shame if you haven’t take fully advantage of it as much as possible. More importantly, an unprecedent 8.0MP+13.0MP camera can allow me having fun and capture any valuable moment, beautiful instant and aesthetic scenery effortlessly.
iOcean X8 mini Pro 5-inch MTK6592 Octa-core 900/2100MHz Smartphone
Last but not least, probably you will not realize how smart and helpful the built-in innovative sensor is until you experience it deeper. An optimum display effect is always presented thanks to automatic adjustable light senor. You still can enjoy more convenience when finding the road you want because of the existence of compass sensor. No to mention how practical the OTG is, what more can you ask for iOcean X8 Mini pro?

To make a summary, it is not hard to find no uncomfortable feeling bother enjoyable user experience while all aspects are contented and satisfied, surely it has strong connection with upgraded configurations and equipments of iOcean X8 Mini pro.

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