Review of a incredible HUAWEI Smart Phone

HUAWEI has made its products and services available all over the world for quite an interval now. It has become a leading company in the name of smartphones and related products. Due to astonishing features and uniqueness which HUAWEI has introduced in its products, it is no surprise for the company to get so much popularity in such a short period. Seeing the progress what this company has made, there is no doubt in HUAWEI’s dedication to providing the latest advancement in technology to consumers around the world.


Of the many products and services, which Huawei is providing to its consumers, here we are presenting a smartphone. It is becoming so popular worldwide due to the versatility and unique features it has got. I am so sure that you must have heard of the phone I am going to talk about and most of you must have been already using it. It has got the features which are so hard to resist and after reading this article, one would love to have it on one’s first approach to the Huawei novas 2s.

Huawei novas 2s 64GB

What is special about HUAWEI novas 2s?

Most of you must have been thinking that what is so astonishing about this phone, which is attracting so much attention of the consumers? I have many reasons which can justify this question. First of all, it is produced by HUAWEI which has become a name of trust and quality. HUAWEI has never compromised in providing quality products neither so is true for “HUAWEI novas 2s”.

Huawei novas 2s 64GB

It is a smartphone with 6.0 inches front screen display size, dual front and back camera, 64 GB ROM, RAM (4GB or 6GB available in 2 models), equipped with 4G banding and Octa-core processing. These are all the desirable features which everyone would love to have in a smartphone. HUAWEI has made all these features equipped altogether in Huawei novas 2s 64GB making it a perfect choice for its consumers.

Huawei novas 2s 64GB

How it is a value for money?

Its further features include its body made of metallic shell. It’s a bar phone available in 3 colors namely black, grey and light blue. In addition to 64GB ROM, it can support an external micro SD card up to 256GB which is a great benefit in the face of Android smartphones. It can support one as well as two sim cards. The dual front camera has got 20 megapixels and 2 megapixels resolution and the dual back camera has got 20 megapixels and 16 megapixels resolution. It has got fingerprint support and gravity, compass and proximity sensors.

Huawei novas 2s 64GB

In spite all of its astonishing features it is very light in weight and weighs only 169g. The battery it contains has got a long life and is charged very fast. One can easily share and transfer data with USB and Bluetooth using this phone.


There is much more to talk about this beautiful product of HUAWEI. Its users wish to keep it with them all along and it suits so well the needs of a smartphone user. The complete package of this smartphone includes a smartphone with a supercharge charger, USB cable and a protective case. With all its benefits, it is a value for money product.

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