Review On Cubot X6

As a newest smartphone released by Cubot, Cubot X6 has decent admiration and comment among consumers, whereas, how great this latest smartphone is? What kind of special features that attract to users most? Let me explain it detailedly.

Obviously, the most attractive trait I can find out is the display touch screen. Cubot X6 adopted 5.0-inch, OGS 16:9 Ultra retina screen, with an resolution of 194PPI, although I have no idea what PPI is, I just found out the figure which excessed the visual limits screen resolution already. Hence, the display effect is as vivid as real, provided users the healthiest reading environment with less radiations and hazardous. Thanks to this extraordinary touch screen, more enjoyment will be discovered when playing 3D games, movies, etc.

Underneath the magnificent outlook, the internal is worth-mentioned. Cubot X6 possessed a powerful “heart”.Equipped with 1.7GHz high performance and low-power Octa-core processor. The advantages embodies on fast processing speed and stability. Any large games, substantial applications, plenty of assignments can be run simultaneously, which has satisfied the desire for most of the consumers especially for young generation. What’s more, it is a smart processor, when handling multiple tasks and heavy duties, it will achieve peak performance full eight-core in order to maintain the top performance. Under light load circumstance, you can switch off the core, the ultimate energy saving idle, protect the phone battery from over-outputting.

Furthermore, its completed functions and terms has brought a bulk of convenience for users. For instance, in order to chasing CUBOT X6 5-inch MTK6592 Octa-core 1.7GHz Smartphonethe main stream of auto heterodyne, it has enhanced the camera combination up to 5 Mega Pixels front camera and 13 Mega Pixels rear camera, any precious moments will be recorded freely. In addition, more gadgets can be used, various formats of documents can be read directly, more languages can be applied, with such a multi-functional smartphone, how can you resist its temptation?

Overall, I can barely find out any big mistake on design or any inconvenience that arose by Cubot X6. Added to the price in bargain, it is probably the best cost-effective smartphone I can find ever.

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