A Review Of The Bluedio UFO Plus

Bluedio is a household name in the audio devices manufacturing sector. The brand has been around since 2009, starting small in the United States before expanding to as far as China. Evidently, there must be a reason for this rapid expansion and the only reason can be their professional and high-quality audio devices. One of the most recent releases by the company is the Bluedio UFO Plus and like many other great headphones, this device takes your music experience to a whole new level.


Whats In The Box?

When you buy this Bluetooth headphone, the following is what you get;

  1. Bluedio UFO-Plus Bluetooth headphones
  2. A coiled 3.5mm male-to-male audio-cable
  3. Carry Case
  4. Micro U.S.B charging cable

bluedio ufo plus


The Design

The Bluedio Bluetooth headphones are relatively large in size and as we all know, that has a direct bearing on the strength of the sound they produce. The headphones are designed in an Aluminum-Titanium alloy which does not only account for their durability but also ensures they are fairly light in weight. They feature large ear cups that comfortable wrap around your ears to block any ambient or background noise, thereby delivering great sound quality. Also, when you want to adjust them to your preferred position, all you have to do is use the rotating ear cups as well as the adjustable headbands.


When you want to carry them around, you easily fold them up. However, you are advised to use the pivoting mechanism as opposed to the common folding mechanism used in other headphones such as Bluedio UFO. The pivoting mechanism is especially great in that it prevents the headband from flattening when you are wearing the speakers.


Last but not least, they come with thick leather-like pads that come with a touch of comfort to your ears. They clamp well to your ears and also contribute to the noise-cancellation advantage of the headphones.

bluedio ufo plus

Pairability And Battery Life

The bluedio bluetooth headphones can be used with any Bluetooth device. All you have to do to affect the pairing is hold down the multifunction button and then everything will reflect on the Bluetooth menu of your mobile device. Even better, you can pair the headphone with 2 different phones and enjoy the same sound quality. The headphone comes with a 3.5 mm cord that is designed in a twist-lock feature. This feature enables you to keep the cords attached to your headphone.


The headphone comes with a remarkable battery life. The batteries can function for up to a week for typical use. Even better, you can always use the headphones wired and that is a massive boost when you have drained your battery.

bluedio ufo plus

Sound Quality

The bluedio ufo plus sounds signature favors bass. The headphones are also great for producing acoustic sounds, thanks to their 12 drivers that manage mids and highs pretty well. All in all, you can look to them to produce great sound quality for all music genes even the more demanding ones like the death metal. However, due to their focus on bass, they are especially great for movies and games. One way to ensure you make the most of all sound genres is to include an amplified such as the Fiio E6.



The Bluedio UFO Plus headphones are perhaps some of the greatest ever released by Bluedio in recent times. There is hardly any substantial drawback that users reported except for the fact that the ear cups tend to be sweaty at times. However, considering all the benefits offered by these headphones, that single drawback can be readily ignored.

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