Revealing the Secrets of Huawei P8 Max

As is known to us, Huawei always devotes himself to innovation and provides high-performance products. Recently, it has launched another excellent smartphone to broad masses, that is Huawei P8 Max. Next, let’s reveal the secrets of the smartphone together.

Huawei P8 Max

One of the awesome things of Huawei P8 Max is that it comes with full metal design, bringing an impressive and unique looking. It not only is the first smartphone made by integrated magnesium alloy, but also creatively combines structure and circuits, providing lower head radiation and improved antenna signal. To your satisfaction, it contains a huge 4360 mAh battery with the cooperation of lower power dissipation hardware and power saving software, largely ensuring the safety and providing an long enough playing time.
Huawei P8 Max
Moreover, Huawei P8 Max Smartphone features its superior performance. With the help of Kirin 935 octa-core 64-bit processor and dual-card 4G LTE, the smartphone definitely gives you an unforgettable experience. In addition, it supports big and extraordinary displays with the size of 6.8 inch, making you indulge in an incredible visual enjoyment. Also, with the provision of 13MP Rear Camera, the users can easily take clear and vivid pictures or videos.
Huawei P8 Max
Better still, Huawei P8 Max Smartphone has the enhanced thermal design. Adopting DX19 conductive material around a 7-layer heat dissipation layout and the unique frame design, the smartphone can keep efficient for longer time. Besides, the audio hardware has been upgraded. With a huge 0.91 CC sound chamber, 1 watt loudspeaker and Smart PA amplifier, every sound you play will be enjoyable and comfortable.

To be brief, Huawei P8 Max is worth possessing for its high performance and advanced design. In fact, this smartphone still has many secrets that are waiting for your exploration.

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