Replacement battery for two models phone of Cubot

You may usually met the problem that your mobile phone is run out of electricity.There is many ways to solve this situation,such as carry a power bank or replacement battery.Now,I want to suggest you the replacement battery which is more compatible with the phone.For me, replacement battery is lightweight to carry and convenient to use without charging in outdoor.
Original 2200mAh Battery For Cubot GT99 Smart Phone
I am also using the replacement battery because there is a little trouble to carry a power bank and the USB interface of my phone is broken.So the replacement battery is the best choice to supply enough electricity for me to use.If your phone is Cubot GT99, this one is suitable for you.Battery For Cubot GT99 has 3.7V output voltage and 2200mAh large capacity.You can just carry a little battery to replace when you go out and charge it when you stay at home or the other interiors. With high quality and nice after-service, you can feel it reliable with this battery. It is worth to buy with good quality as well as the favorable price with the discount now.

The Battery For Cubot One is the suitable Li-lon battery for Cubot One smart phone as its name. Using the battery should be careful that you should prevent it from the short-circuit and shouldn’t use any battery charger other than the specified one. Remember that don’t discard the battery into fire although it is broken or useless.It is dangerous for your safety.Don’t make the charger or expose the battery pack out of the temperature range 0℃~45℃ to protect it better.If you are careless to use these batteries, not only can it damage your smart phone to strike, but also it can threat to your personal safety.
Original 2200mAh Battery For Cubot One Smart Phone
These two replacement battery are perfectly compatible with the two models of Cubot smart phone with safe circuit. They are the best choice for back-up power with high quality, favorable prices,fast delivery and good after-service.

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