Repeat! Xiaomi Stereo Head Set And NFC Tag Sticker Are Available Now

We are witnessing an incredibly large purchasing tide of Xiaomi smart bracelet at the moment, we once experienced that Xiaomi gloves, Xiaomi Bluetooth mini stereo or even Xiaomi dustproof plug are difficult to preorder from their website because demand has exceeded supply far and away. However, seems that some of our favorable smartphone accessories like headset and NFC tag sticker are still missing, fortunately, Xiaomi doesn’t keep us waiting so long.
Original Xiaomi Foldable Type Stereo Headset For Smartphone Tablet PC
If my memory serves me well, probably it is the first time for Xiaomi to launch headset in the type like this. Without a doubt, Original Xiaomi Stereo Headset is really the byword of elegance. Rather than dazzling coating or boldly color, which is immature, a pure black main color with sandblasted and golden metal section has expressed aesthetic and elegance thoroughly, suddenly, you will find it more than just a 120USD stuff.

In the aspect of usability, it is fully capable to be utilized as mini stereo, PC head set or even smartphone earphone. Thanks to soft leather and adjustable headband, never will you find it uncomfortable to take any advantage. Moreover, accompany with amplifier and deep stereo technology, I bet you can’t extricate yourself from a stunning sound experience.
4PCS Xiaomi NFC Tag Sticker For Smartphone With NFC
On the contrary, another accessory that be concentrated a lot must be Xiaomi NFC Tag Sticker. Don’t judge it useless by its definition– sticker, as a matter of fact, several coils in silver are actually authentic aluminum coils, which are outperform than any other cardboard tags. In the meanwhile, as an indispensable NFC part, it is unnecessary to highlight its significance.

Accompany with this sticker, it is effortless to mark any characteristic settings or other preference down. Simply just stick it to places that you frequented, scan the tag by your smartphone and then all settings will be activated directly. It is liberal to open GPS or map for safe driving, open flight mode for a quite sleep, etc.
Original Xiaomi Foldable Type Stereo Headset For Smartphone Tablet PC
In short, Original Xiaomi Stereo Headset and Xiaomi NFC Tag Sticker available at the moment eventually, it is time to have a Xiaomi accessory reunion.

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