Regular Sales Of NO.1 S3 Smart Watch Now Begin!

As you might heard already, the highly-anticipated no.1 s3 smartwatch was presale at $59.99 for the past few weeks, which caused a purchase boom. Unfortunately, such a big deal will no longer exist so far, but the good news is, the watch is now stocked after weeks of waiting.

Earlier this morning, we were told from Banggood that the first batch of NO.1 S3 watch is finally arrived as scheduled despite of a horrible weather condition in these days, presumably, those preorders will be shipped out shortly and regular sales, as you know, it is actually in progress if you are reading this message.
no.1 s3 smartwatch
Of course, now that regular sales is available, lower pricing $59.99 and the coupon code are invalid, alternatively, pricing is back to $66.99, options in three different colors including black, gold and silver will be offered.
no.1 s3 smartwatch
Without further introduction, no.1 s3 smart watch phone is the center of all attentions among smart watch business last September, featuring a special circular dial design, leather strap and full alloy case, looking sleek and advanced.

As far as a smart watch is concerned, No.1 S3 shows off the gear thoroughly. It loads up 1.22-inch touch screen on sophisticated MT2502 platform, combining independent micro SIM card slot, heart rate monitor and CVC6.0 noise reduction with intelligent smart wake feature.
no.1 s3 smartwatch
Meanwhile, any normal feature you can expect from any Android smart watch like pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitor, UV detection, musics, calls and notifications will be fully accessible. Don’t forget about a remote camera and first ever power-saving mode.

Taken as a whole, if you are looking for a cost-effective smart watch with fully functional feature, probably no.1 s3 smartwatch is just right for the part.

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