Redmi Pro review: different from the other Redmi series smartphones


As the flagship xiaomi smartphone of the Redmi series, Redmi Pro is mainly designed to provide consumers with more quality mobile phones that are price-friendly but also has a better user experience in design, camera, and other aspects. So what is the difference between this Redmi Pro and other Redmi mobile phones? Let’s have a look!

xiaomi redmi pro 4

Basic configuration

Redmi Pro equipped with MediaTek’s annual flagship processor Helio X20/X25 ten core processor, 3/4GB RAM + 32/64/128GB ROM memory combination, with a 5.5-inch 1080P resolution OLED screen, with front 5-megapixel camera, rear 13+5 megapixel camera configuration, battery power 4050mAh and supports 5V2A fast charge, running the MIUI 8 system based on Android 6.0 version.

xiaomi redmi pro 4


Whether from the updated product line layout or the distinctive features of the product, Redmi Pro highlights its flagship product positioning. In the conference, xiaomi CEO Lei Jun made it clear that Redmi Pro is to become the flagship benchmark of the xiaomi redmi series. Redmi Pro is not the successor to any of the previous xiaomi redmi products, nor is it the continuation of any one product of Redmi, but the first model of the Redmi new high-end product line.xiaomi redmi pro 4

As a Redmi cell phone, its positioning is for mass groups of the younger generation, accurately the more elite young people who just enter the workplace. And with a slight business style, the stylish Redmi Pro is prepared for such higher income young people.

xiaomi redmi pro 4


Redmi Pro uses the same positive press fingerprint scheme as the xiaomi 5, the fingerprint keys are covered by the ceramic cover plate, and the press surface is larger than the xiaomi 5, so the touch is better. Redmi xiaomi note 4 is used the back unlock program.

In the fuselage technology, Redmi Pro(xiaomi redmi pro 4) uses a highly textured metal brushed texture process, the entire body in the light of the flow under the visual impact will show a strong metallic look. And due to the fine grinding and the use of high-light metal color, Redmi Pro feels slippery but not greasy. xiaomi redmi note 4 uses anodized technology giving the fuselage multiple colors and bringing a similar matte texture.


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