Reasons Why Daway Card Phone Is Qualified Outdoor Smartphone

Sounds hilarious, how possible can a stuff look alike remote control be an option of outdoor smartphone? Keep reading, you may agree with my kind of opinion.

Mini size

There is no suspense Daway Card Phone is prominent for its extreme mini size that only half of iPhone 5’s length and 3mm slimmer, which is a natural feature and advantage to take along wherever you go effortlessly. Besides, with an ultra light weight 35 grams including battery, never will it put your luggage to any further strain. How many more easy-to-carry outdoor smartphone than this?
Daway Chocolate Ultra-thin Pocket Mini Card Mobile Phone
Smaller screen

Although Daway Card Phone has no similarity to authentic outdoor smartphone with comprehensive protection, whereas, it doesn’t equip itself with ultra large display touch like most of them did, which is most easier to be broke unconsciously. In fact, a smaller one inch screen can effectively reduce potential damages naturally, combine to extreme light weight and strict tailor-made specification, making the device itself not as easier suffering damage as traditional one despite of natural protection shortage.

Physical keyboard
Daway Chocolate Ultra-thin Pocket Mini Card Mobile Phone
In case of the device useless once touch screen is smashed, Daway Card Phone particularly deploy physical keyboard like old-fashion cell phone. Don’t underestimate this change out of sleekness, as a matter of fact, it has guaranteed basic operation like emergency call when necessary even though the display touch screen is smashed into pieces.

Barricade free communication

Despite of Daway Card Phone is not the code word of solid protection, it is definitely a tremendous device for liberal phone talking. Such performance is inseparable with multiple GSM support, making liberal calls available whenever and wherever possible. On other hand, thanks to smaller display touch panel, the whole radiation and battery consumption will be reduced by a wide margin, surely the longer standby time it can offer, the more outdoor enthusiast will delighted.

Large memory extension and Bluetooth transmittance
Daway Chocolate Ultra-thin Pocket Mini Card Mobile Phone
Even though the most tedious outdoor smartphone can provide recreational function, not to mention Daway Card Phone. Owning to 8GB maximum memory card, it is free to stuff any of your favorable audios as many as possible. In addition, you still can transfer more documents in a convenient way through Bluetooth connection, freely can you conceive it a portable extend memory card as well.

Strictly speaking, you may prefer modern outdoor smartphone eventually, however, take superb suitability as well as high cost performance into consideration, it will be advisable to take Daway Card Phone as ultimate option.

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