Reasons To Choose Samsung TPU And PC Case

As workmanship of smartphone protective case altered from day to day, traditional plastic and rubber material has gradually be substituted by latest material–PC and TPU polymer, which is a future compound to enhance overall performance of the case. However, is it really as good as the research?

On hardness

Naturally, TPU material is slightly softer while PC is tough and durable, there is no doubt that the consequence when mixing them two together is advantageous, which is either to hard for installation and removing nor too soft for ample protection, that’s the reason why Samsung Note4 N9100 case is outperform than traditional one on overall protection against damages.
Dual Color PC TPU Bumper Frame Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N9100
On durability

Compare to traditional rubber, plastic or even silicone protective case, although they are soft and flexible, however, it is a fact that either of them can ensure adequate durability to confront unconscious damages, hence, the result is obvious–you have to switch more protective case frequently. Whereas, what if putting a PC and TPU like Samsung Note4 N9100 case properly, a solid anti-shock, anti-bumpy and scratch-proof competence can offer higher durability in contrast, in other words, such a tough material can extend lifespan of the case by a wide margin, sounds economical.

On stability
Dual Color PC TPU Bumper Frame Case For Samsung Galaxy Alpha G8508
Another reason why plastic or rubber protective case will be discarded is inseparable with stability shortage, which embodies on oilation and fragility under low temperature, whereas, the material of TPU and PC can remedy this attribution deficiency perfectly. For instance, Samsung Alpha G8508 case, which is a typical TPU and PC case, can stop chemical reaction to water and greasy effectively. No wonder it is the one with consistent performance on overall protection. In addition, such a stable performance can be maintained even under extreme cold condition, seldom will it change attribution even dispose it outside.

Taken as a whole, although can not be presented thoroughly on Samsung Alpha G8508 case, the mixture of TPU and PC is in high transparency, superb anti-bacteria and lightness. Why can it replace rubber or plastic case, the answer is obvious.

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